About the services I provide:

Light Language Energy Healing, Activations & Upgrades

Mutli-dimensional high frequency light language and light codes from my team of light beings to help you live your true light and purpose.  These very quick paced healings resonate directly with the heart and soul, providing your energy system with healing, light body upgrades and activations to help raise your vibration, awaken your consciousness and assist you on your ascension journey.  Activations and upgrades can enhance your existing abilities or activate dormant soul gifts.  If there are light beings or star beings waiting to work with you we can assist you in connecting and communicating with them. Healings work on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Expect to clear any stuck energy to allow in more light and create flow, upliftment, connection and alignment so you’re ready to follow your soul’s calling.  Be your true sovereign self and not someone reacting from energies that aren’t your own; attachments, cords, vows, agreements, spells or psychic attack, past life issues, trauma, dysfunctional beliefs, conditioning, habits and imprints, or anything else that stops you being the true light of who you are and what you came here to do.  Please note healings are very fast and condensed in to a very short amount of time, not to be compared to other healings and the amount of time they take.

Light Language Healings for Animals & Pets

Light language energy healing works quickly and effectively for your fur friends too, especially if they have been rescues or have endured past traumatic experiences, need help around other animals or people, or if they have separation anxiety, plus so much more.  Healings can be done online and are completed in minutes.  Help your pet to feel much calmer and more like their true being. We can also assist your pets in their end of life process, healing, comforting and helping them every step of the way as they cross over.

Light Language Healings & Blessings for Spaces

Light language healings can be used to clear and release any energies that are not your own which maybe negatively affecting you from your home or other spaces.  We can help to clear any stagnant or toxic energy so you can feel more comfortable and peaceful in your space, and allow more flow and positive energy into your life.  We can also bless the space for you.

Future Life Progression & Future Visioning

Journey into the future of this life or future lives and be enlightened on how to maximise your potential, you could be surprised as it be might not be what you expect.   Bring renewed hope, inspiration and drive back to the present time so you can create your best future.  Take advice from the person who knows you best – your future self – and save time, money, effort and resources by learning the optimum routes to propel you to happiness and success.

You will be guided into deep relaxation and taken on an internal journey to explore any of the following:

• see where you are at in 5 & 10 years into the future of this life 

• explore three different timelines in 5 years time; your future if you continue progressing as you are now, your future if you made the changes your future self recommended in hindsight from the first timeline, and lastly your most optimal route, your best possible future  

• your next life which can bring valuable insight as to why you’re here for this life, and for your soul’s journey

• connect to the wisdom, insight and magic of connecting to your more evolved far distant future self

• the healthiest version of you

• a more abundant you 

• your next home or property

• a future lifetime with a loved one

Bringing the future energy and wisdom back to the present allows you to accomplish the necessary changes more rapidly and with greater gusto.

Future Visioning can help reveal your true passion, purpose, and talents and how to bring them to the fore.  Sessions include:

• finding your niche and how you can stand out from the crowd

• discover your big genius, game-changer idea, or key special talents

• finding the right mentors and how to learn from the absolute best

• finding your tribe; your support system, your followers, your collaborators

• connect with the future you as a leader in your field

Receive valuable insight and information on how to move forward and make wonderful changes happen!

Past Life Regression

Allow your subconscious mind to help you access your past lives to gain insight, understanding and healing to resolve whatever issues you have now in your current life. 

Cellular Release TherapyTM

Cellular Release Therapy™ is a mode of hypnotherapy which allows for deep clearing of trauma, pain, difficult experiences, dysfunctional beliefs, emotions, fears and patterns, without any recall of past events.  Residual charge of unresolved events can sit in cellular memory and continue to play out and affect the way you see or deal with things until they are resolved, which can result in stress, anxiety, depression, illness, addictions, pain, discomfort, insomnia and more.  Clearing the root causes of these issues directly from the subconscious mind can help you to be free from trauma and emotional baggage so you to live a happier and easier life.

Other Services

Upon request, I can also offer Pellowah Level 2 attunements for Level 2 practitioners, and Energy Harmonisation sessions.

Bespoke Healing & Coaching Package

This will consist of a consultation and ‘game plan’ to identify key areas to work on and prioritisation of these.  A bespoke healing and coaching package will be put together for you using one or more therapies, working within a time plan to create lasting transformational change.

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Talks & Demonstrations

I am available for talks and demonstrations of the unique healing I provide either online or in person if within reasonable travelling distance from where I live.  Please contact me via email at lightlanguagesmita@gmail.com or through the Contact Form.

Light Language Healings for Groups in Person

If you have a group of 6 or more people or animals wanting individual light language healings, and you have a space I can work from, I can travel to you if you are within a reasonable travelling distance from where I live.  Please request by contacting me via email at lightlanguagesmita@gmail.com or through the Contact Form.

Gift Vouchers

E-Gift vouchers are available for any value, choose the value you wish to purchase, and provide the recipient’s name and email address, plus any personal message you would like the recipient to receive with the E-Gift voucher.  You will be sent details on how to make payment.  Once payment is received the voucher will be sent via email to the recipient and the voucher will be valid for a year, the recipient will need to email me to book a session and use their voucher. Please use the Contact Form to request an E-Gift Voucher.

Payment Policy

Payment will be taken in advance to secure your booking, please use the Contact Form to arrange a booking and I will send you details on how to make a payment.  You will be sent confirmation and Zoom meeting details once payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled time of your session, there will be a cancellation fee, this will be original payment of your Light Language session or payment of the first hour for any of the other therapies I provide.  If you change or want to postpone 48 hours or more before the scheduled time, then there will be no cancellation charge and I would be happy to process that request.  Any changes or cancellations must be notified by email to me.

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